Liquid Pictures began by creating beautiful cinematic sequences for multi-media productions. Since then we’ve developed rich environments and compelling imagery for games, education titles and various websites for clients such as the SF Giants and Apple.

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Liquid Pictures creates high-end graphics and flashy special effects for a range of in-game cinematic sequences, trade show visuals, marketing media, entertainment and more.

Afraid your idea can’t be brought to life? Think again. From simple lens flares and lighting effects to complex explosions with particle systems or scenes populated with virtual characters, our custom special effects capabilities can bring even the wildest ideas to life.

Liquid Pictures has produced broadcast quality HD content for a number of clients. Our multi-stream, nonlinear equipment captures and plays back at 1920×1080 at 60P, and is capable of real-time 2D and 3D digital effects, transitions and color correction. We have in-house ability to hold hours of full HD 1080P quality nonlinear video and can encode to many video formats for high end Blu-ray authoring and/or real time internet streaming. And by combining these capabilities with our 3D skill sets we can deliver an outstanding array of products.

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Whether you need exacting reality or incredible fantasy, Liquid Pictures can bring your ideas to fruition with artistry and clarity. And while many games and educational products are played in real-time with simple graphics, we specialize in the more complex and dynamic interfaces, introductions, and victory animations that drive engagement.

As the technology improves, so do we — bringing a new reality, the highest standards and latest cutting edge methodology to our work. From design concepts and storyboards through 3D animations and special effects to post production, we transform your concept into reality beyond imagination.

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Over the past several years, Liquid Pictures has worked with companies such as Mindscape / Electronic Arts, Ziff Davis Publishing, Hasbro and Viacom, as well as on franchises such as Star Trek, Mavis Beacon Teaches TypingJUMBLE – That Scrambled Word Game and others.